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  There are going to be those times that mass produced just can't meet your expectations. Let 5K Technology build the computer that fits your needs. With years of experience in building custom computers, 5K takes pride in not only the functionality of the computers it builds, but the aesthetics as well. 5K will fit the needs of each customer and offer consultation to make sure those needs are met. Let 5K take the worry out of the age old question "is this computer good enough to do meet my needs?"
  • Custom servers to handle a company of 10 or 10,000
  • Workstation PC's to integrate into your existing network
  • Standalone workstations built around specific business application

  • Most business owners want to concentrate on one thing: their business. Servers and PC's are a tool for success and shouldn't be a full time worry, nor should they require the expense of a full time IT staff. Let 5K Technology be your on-call IT staff with the capability of building, upgrading, and maintaining your servers and workstations.


  • Customized to fit your needs better than the big box companies
  • Tailored to fit specific application needs
  • Great for photo and video enthusiasts

  • If you know anyone who has ever ordered a so-called "customized" computer online, you'll know that after a few months they've put together a laundry list of things their computer doesn't have, or can't do. At 5K, you can work one on one with a consultant who will build a computer specifically around your needs. Whether you need the raw processing power for CAD operations or extreme graphics and RAM for video and photo applications, 5K will build to suit.


  • The ultimate PC for today's ultimate games
  • Powerful PC's with a great look
  • Extreme cooling to push your rig to the limit

  • Built for gamers, by gamers. At 5K we know what it takes to run today's most demanding games. Our building staff will build your rig like it's their own personal system to meet the demands of the newest and most popular games. And not just play them, but play them the way they were meant to be played: at the highest resolution with all of the eye candy turned on. 5K can also incorporate extreme cooling in case you are the type that wants to overclock your rig to the limits of the components. And we will put it all in the case of your dreams to look as simple or as decked out as you like.

    5K Delivers
    100% customization to your needs
    Evaluation if you don't know what you need
    Built to specs if you know what you need
    Live tech support
     Local support available